Why you should become a SOFEA member

SOFEA has the ambition to become the leading association for sustainability for office supplies in Europe. With the goal to develop and improve a scientifically approved assessment tool – acknowledged by the European Commission – for all manufacturers and resellers in the line of business of office supplies. We need commitment, from manufacturers and resellers, to obtain this goal.

It is our mission to encourage sustainability in the European industry for office supplies. To reach the goal of The Paris Agreement1, stricter regulations will be introduced, which will also affect office products. From the point of view of competition, it is a smart strategy to contribute now to the objectives and mission of SOFEA.


With the ranking tool of SOFEA, sustainability aspects of office products becomes transparent for governments, buyers and end-users. The tool gives insight and is a great way to enhance transparency in the office market.


Furthermore, the tool is an important benchmark for manufacturers. It gives them important information about the sustainability of a product compared to its direct competitors. It also provides insight into the best and fastest way to improve the sustainability of a product or product group.
SOFEA aims to inspire manufacturers to continuously improve their products and to motivate resellers to communicate about the importance of sustainability. By making the product data more transparent, end-users are able to make well-considered and sustainable purchasing decisions.
I hope it is clear why you should become a member of SOFEA. I would like to make an appointment to discuss how <company name> can benefit from SOFEA. In the appendices you will find in addition to this letter, also the folder and an article about SOFEA.

We are SOFEA

SOFEA counts 23 members, represented by manufacturers and resellers active in the office supply industry.



Become a member

As a SOFEA member you will benefit from a great network to share expertise, work together and contribute to changes that benefits your industry. You will be exposed to a European network of industry member companies all seeking for one simple unified method for measuring environmental product performances.

The annual subscription and start-up fee are related to the company's total turnover for the most recent completed fiscal year for which audited financial statements are available.

Non-members are welcome to SOFEA public meetings and can sign up as a guest for one session of the product category working group.