How it works

The SOFEA platform enables manufacturers and resellers to fill out a simple online assessment and to share validated product information.

The online assessment is different per product group with a maximum of 38 indicators measuring the product on environmental, health & safety and CSR related topics.

SOFEA carries out a fair product evaluation. Whether the product carries labels or no labels, certifications or no certifications, brand or no brand, SOFEA measures solely the environmental performance on product, manufacturer, and company level.

Having your products assessed within the SOFEA programme, it provides insight to the business in the environmental performance of your products. Especially the excellence and the improvement areas of the environmental impact is presented in a clear and transparent manner.

For the completion of the assessment, following steps are required:

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Product assessment incl. product EU compliance
  3. Data validation by external service provider
  4. Product rating

The outcome is a pragmatic transparant and uniform product rating for the entire spectrum of office supplies, with an A-to-E product rating. Where an A stands for a highly innovative product and an E stands for a product meeting the SOFEA basic requirements


  • Only 100% compliance products can receive a rating
  • Yes / No for release of product ratings
  • If no; the product rating can’t be used in communications and is for internal information only
  • If yes; the product rating is published on the SOFEA website and the rating can be used in communications as described by the SOFEA communications guidelines.
  • Relevant and public data can be shared by and with members; for example, reports, certificates and confirmation of legal compliance