SOfEA is a European association based in Brussels, bringing the Office Supply Industry together seeking for one common goal:

“To create a simple EU industry-wide eco-rating system accessible and credible for end-users, manufacturers and distributors”

Resellers and manufacturers encouraging the association benefitting both, resellers will have one consolidation knowledge center for office products where instant environmental product data can be found and manufacturers fulfilling one request only to all resellers for providing environmental product life cycle data and demonstrate compliance to EU regulations and directives.

The online platform of SOfEA enables resellers and manufacturers to fill out a simple questionnaire with specific requirements on product, manufacturer and corporate level taking into account the existing labels, standards and methods, reseller requirements and the best practices of the European Commission initiative PEF ‘Product Environmental Footprint’ translating the hotspots; highest impact on environmental within the product life cycle stage of the office product.